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Proper lighting in a bathroom is a critical aspect because it’s a place where people visit when they wake up and possibly the last they visit before resting from their daily activities. You shower, groom, and even take your medication there; therefore, an attractive bedroom can set the mood for the day. 

You can achieve this through daylighting and optimized lighting. Daylight sets the circadian rhythms, which is an essential feature of the overall health. Proper lighting in the bathroom prevents people from falling 

 because they can see where they are stepping.   

The following tips will help you enhance your bathroom lighting. 

White bathroom renovation done by our tiling expert in Toowoomba with wood look finish porcelain tiles

Suitable Light Levels 

The amount of light required in your bathroom depends on the task being performed and your personal preferences. For instance, a person that lights the room only when showering doesn’t require a lot of investment in lighting, and 10fc is enough for that job. However, the one that shaves there needs better visibility; thus, 100fc will be sufficient. 

A person requires more light as they grow older because the pupil size reduces with age, thus allowing in less light. On the other hand, a person might get bothered by the glare, and the solution to this problem is to install fixtures that mask the source of light.   

You can install deeply recessed downlights, up lights, lenses, or dimmers. The rule of the thumb is that it’s better to overlight the bathroom and use dimmers to make adjustments than to under light it. There are several ways of brightening the bathroom by combining different sources of lights.  


Natural daylight is the best light source for it sets your circadian rhythms that regulate the sleep/wake cycles and brightens your mood. For that reason, it’s crucial to design your bathroom in such a way that it will receive sufficient natural light as much as possible.   

You may include two windows instead of one, uniquely if they can be placed in opposite walls to increase the amount of light and balance the illumination. 

Another option is installing one large window; however, most homeowners position it over the tub and cover it due to privacy. The best solution for this problem is to fix bottom-up shades to a large window, thus offer privacy and allow daylight. 

Alternatively, you can add skylight if your home design allows it for its reliable all-day lighting. It offers 2-3 times more illumination with the same-size-window or increases the number of skylights to add drama to your ceiling. 

Artificial Bathroom Lighting 

Pendant and chandelier fixture creates a luxury feel that is loved by many homeowners. The two options have one challenge, which is the codes. You can install the fixture 7 feet above the high-water level or 3 feet away from the tub and put its switch with a dimmer separately. 

Alternatively, you can create an indirect up-lighting by fixing LED light strips or fluorescent, which offers soft, pleasant illumination in the background. 

Further, adequate bath lighting can be achieved by considering the colour rendering index (CRI). 100 is the highest but the hardest to find; thus, you should settle for 80 for it allows users to see colours accurately. 

Colour temperature (K) of the light source is another aspect that is incorporated with lighting. Daylight offers 5000°K, while incandescent light is 2700°K at full brightness and 2400°K when dimmed.  

Most homeowners prefer 2700°K, but the best option for residential use is 3500°K. It’s ideal when choosing outfits in closets or when trying to match your clothing colour before your step out of the house for work or evening party. For that reason, most clothing stores have installed 3500°K lighting.  

Therefore, illuminated vanity mirrors and LED fixtures with warm-dim capabilities can be adjusted between 2200°K and 5000°K. Technology has introduced magnifying mirrors that make work easier for you. 

You contact Toowoomba Tiling and Waterproofing for more details about these artificial lighting aspects.  

Purpose of Lighting  

It’s important to balance function and style when it comes to Bathroom lighting. The following are some of the reasons you install lighting fixtures in your home. 

Accent Lighting

It’s used to highlight some aspects of the bathroom that you want people to see. These include a luxuriant glass bowl sink or intricate tiles.  You can install it in layers to sterile or flat lighting. 

Ambient Lighting

This is the overall lighting of your bathroom that makes it bright and safe to move about safely.  

Task Lighting

It provides light to specific areas where activities like showering or shaving are done. 

Decorative lighting: It’s merely for decorating the room and is achieved by incorporating ceiling and wall-mounted fixtures that create patterns of light on the roof and walls. 

You can install toe kick lighting that allows you to slip into this space at midnight without putting on the overhead lights. 

Types of Lighting  

Luxury bathroom renovation job done in Toowoomba with floor and wall marble tiles
Side Lighting  

It’s also known as cross illumination and is achieved using a 75W incandescent lamp. It’s installed in guest and master baths where makeup, spackling, and shaving is done.   

You can install a 60W incandescent bulb in powder rooms because few activities are done, such as fixing your hair and checking whether there is something stuck in your teeth. 

Mirror Area Lighting 

It’s essential to have sufficient Bathroom lighting in this area because it’s the place where you go to see yourself every morning. 

Therefore, it’s vital to install complementary lighting that will elevate your mood the entire day. You can achieve these effects by installing lighting on both sides of the mirror, for it gives you a shadowless light or even illumination. 

It’s not recommended to install Bathroom Lighting only the-above-the-mirror lighting. It is because it just highlights the forehead and creates dark shadows in other places. 

Task Lighting  

Bathrooms are private sanctuaries, and that is why you lock the door and clean yourself without disturbances. Therefore, you should put layers of light ranging from the accent, ambient, decorative, and task lighting. 

Task lighting is the king in the bathroom lighting and kitchen lighting because they are an activities-oriented form of illumination. 

Toowoomba Tiling and Waterproofing is a team of experts in bathroom-related issues and will work with you when incorporating lighting in this space.   

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