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The outdoor area of a house is one of those prime locations in which everyone tries to decorate to their best. The outdoor of any house comprises of the yard, the patio, pool, and sometimes barbeque areas. Each area has different specifications, and based on that outdoor tiling Toowoomba shall be made. 

The market is full of indoor and outdoor tiling options. Knowing about each one of them will give a bigger picture of their applications. The designers can also help you in deciding the best type of tile for a particular area. 

Some tiles are best suited for indoor areas while others suit the outdoor portion only. Pool specific tiles are also available, and some make the patios look outstanding. A knowledgeable person in this particular field can guide well with colours and texture. 

One by one, the outdoor tiling Toowoomba ideas are discussed in the article. Please have a look at the types of tiles and their specifications. 

Outdoor tiling job done by our tiling expert in Toowoomba with outdoor tiles

Outdoor Tiling Options To Choose From 

#1: Porcelain Tiles 

As it is too strong and dense, it is the best one for the outdoor tiling Toowoomba. These tiles are readily available in any market, and the texture of the tile depends on the budget that anyone holds. They are great tiles as they are available for both indoor and outdoor work and are very sturdy. 

Indoor porcelain has one disadvantage, and this is its slippery nature. These tiles become slippery when used as an indoor option. 

As per our research, the porcelain tiles come up very well for outdoor purposes. As outdoor purp[ose porcelain is quite textured. 

#2: Quarry Tiles 

The quarry tiles are not that popular for outdoor purposes. These tiles are mostly used in the climate where rain is widespread.  

The climate with warm temperatures also suits the quarry tiles. It is recommended not to spill any other liquid other than water over them as staining is an issue with them. 

#3: Ceramic Tiles 

The ceramic tiles are suitable for mild climatic conditions. They are great for outdoor tiling Toowoomba if some light usage is in your mind for the outdoor area. 

If you have covered patios, then ceramic tiles will become a durable one. Some of the ceramic tiles are strong, while others are fragile. Depending upon the quality, many options are available for various purposes. 

#4: Slate Tiles 

Slate tiles are commonly known as the natural stone. This is a natural stone as it is one of the forms of carbon. This is a perfect slip-resistant tile. 

The significant advantage of slate tiles is that it is available in different colours and so choosing it correctly for your outdoor work and matching them will be more comfortable. Black and grey are also the most common colours. 

#5: Granite Tiles 

Granite tiles mean another natural stone in the row. This is also a form of carbon. Being a porous material, it absorbs moisture.  Sealing prevents any damage and stains, making it durable and usable for years. 

It is best suited for indoor work, and it beautifies the location very much. However, it is also a preferred choice for outdoor tiling Toowoomba. 

#6:  Concrete Tiles 

If you are running low with your budget of installing outdoor tiles, then concrete tiles are a perfect choice. At a cheaper rate, a high-end look and feel can be obtained. 

These tiles are much more durable than any other ones because they can withstand harsh and mild weathers both. The maintenance will become a duty for concrete tiles, and hence sealing the tiles every other year is mandatory. 

#7: Travertine Tiles 

The travertine tiles are one of the most beautiful tiles, and it is a great one for the pool area. It is hard and can accumulate dirt over time as it is pitted. But the surface can be polished and made smooth. The smoothness of tile can make the tile slippery, causing them accident-prone. But anyway it is an excellent Outdoor Tiling Toowoomba option. 

#8: Soapstone Tiles 

The soapstone tiles are another natural stone, and it is water-resistant. It can withstand very high levels of heat and freezing temperatures making it feasible for all kinds of climate. 

The soapstone tiles are great for the pool area due to its water-resistant nature. 

#9: Limestone Tiles 

These are the tiles which are another one in the series of natural stone. It is a soft stone and is known to all. The softness of these tiles makes it more prone to scratches and damages. 

It is recommended not to install limestone tiles in the patio area because they may wear away soon.  

#10: Sandstone Tiles 

The sandstone tiles have a gorgeous texture, but it is more fragile than limestone tiles making it less accessible. People look for durable tiles and the tiles that do not require much maintenance. 

The sandstone tiles are formed by the accumulation of sand layers over time. Water can be an enemy to these tiles as it can damage it ultimately. The sealing of the tiles can make it durable. Also, due to its colour and texture, it can make the area look fantastic. 

What to Consider While Choosing Outdoor Tiling Toowoomba? 

Outdoor tiling job done in Toowoomba with granite tiles

By knowing the types of tiles available in the market, we get to have a clear picture of what is best for your indoor or outdoor locations. Choosing and installing the tiles becomes more comfortable if we know the quality and durability of the tiles. 

Other factors like the climate, area, cost, etc. can also be decisive in installing outdoor tiling Toowoomba. The budget we usually decide in advance and then put in material for any work. This is the work of renovating a house completely, so plus-minus of some amount is always adjustable to get the best quality outdoor tiles. 

The focus shall always be in looking for the best colour combination and highly efficient tiles for all kinds of weather. The more we explore, the better result we usually get. Outdoor tiling options from low budget to high ones are readily available. Decide it accordingly. 


Installing tiles is one of the significant tasks in completing the house beautification process. Choose the tiles diligently and move ahead. You will come out with flying colours. 

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