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Stone Tiling


Stone tiling is not a newor unique tiling option but is perfect for the people who want to give a more authentic and natural look to their houses. It is an attractive and aesthetically pleasing trait to have on your property.

Stone is durable and can withstand harsh conditions for a more extended period. Our team at Toowoomba Tiling & Waterproofing& Waterproofing is an expert in providing beautiful, unique and ideal stone tiling solutions.

Artful Stones

Stone tiling comes with the additional advantage of vast customization options. Moreover, stone tiling is also environment-friendly. Toowoomba Tiling & Waterproofing& Waterproofing is proud to have such associations which enable us to offer various stone tiling options to our customers. We guarantee to provide a unique and attractive stone tiling design that is going to enhance the exquisiteness of your house for many years to come.

Interior Options

Regardless of the public and professional property, stone tiling is perfect for all surfaces. Usually, bathrooms, showers, and kitchens are stone-tiled to give them a more natural, unique and pleasing look. Stone tiling also reduces slippage accidents.

The team of professionals at Toowoomba Tiling & Waterproofing& Waterproofing offers various stones and pebbles for interior tiling of your house, which will give a beautiful look and texture to the interior of your home.

Exterior Options

A lot of homeowners prefer to tile exterior of their house with stones because exterior stone tiling is natural, artful and the look of their home stand apart from other properties in the area. Toowoomba Tiling & Waterproofing& Waterproofing can deliver any exterior stone tiling. Just name the location, whether it is pool patio, outer wall or your backyard, we will do it for you.

Affordable Stones

It, not just our competence, dedication, competency and craftsmanship that sets us apart from other companies but also our affordability. When you call us, you are making the wisest and economic decision of your life. We can provide high-quality stones and stone tiling services at unmatchable prices that other companies can only dream of.

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